CRISPY POLLOCK WON TON with Spicy Tomato Ratatouille


CRISPY POLLOCK WON TON with Spicy Tomato Ratatouille

[Serving four]

8 oz fillet of Pollock

4 won ton wraps, 3 by 3 inches

Vegetable oil

Spicy ratatouille

In Icelandic the word for Pollock is “ufsi”, but in Iceland this fish is frequently called Sea Salmon, because it has quite a bit of the salmon’s fight in it when caught with a hook and line. Pollock is not eaten much in Iceland although it is really very good food.

For this course, cut the fillet of Pollock into small pieces and flavor them a bit with some salt and pepper. Place the chopped Pollock in a bowl and mix in two tablespoons of sour cream. Form the fish and cream mixture into balls of about 2 oz each.

Prepare a square of won ton. Place a fish ball in the center, moisten the edges of the won ton a bit with water and fold it over the ball, forming a triangle. Press firmly on the sides of the triangle, sealing it tightly all the way up to the ball, which should be quite prominent. When all the balls are ready, put them in oil and fry at 350° F, rotating them in the oil so that they become uniformly light brown. When finished, remove the balls from the oil and put them aside for excess oil to drip off.

A small heap of warm ratatouille is put in the center of a plate and the Pollock on top. The arrangement should conjure up the image of a bird taking flight.The creamy taste of the Pollock, the crispy texture of the won ton and the spicy ratatouille create a unique harmony of flavors, which makes this dish very fitting as a starter or a middle course


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