SMOKED EEL with Edamame Mousse, Sesame Seed Sauce and Wasabi Oil


SMOKED EEL with Edamame Mousse, Sesame Seed Sauce and Wasabi Oil

[Serving four]

12 oz fillets of smoked eel

Pinch of micro basil

Edamame mousse

Sesame seed sauce

Wasabi oil

Pickled red onion

1 small mango, diced

The eel has a lot of fat in its body, and is for the most part hot-smoked, and eaten with, for example, bread, with which it is a great delicacy. Below is a dish somewhat different, but most certainly savory.

When the smoked eel is removed from the package, care must be taken not to smash or tear the meat. With the eel out of the package, put it on a flat surface with the skin side down and make an incision close to the tail end, not penetrating the skin. Now flip the eel over and start from the tail where you made the incision and gently pull back the skin from the meat, keeping it firmly on the board section by section to ensure no breakage. Once the skin has been removed cut the eel in half lengthwise. Finally, cut each half into diamond-shaped pieces about two inches in length.

Make a bed of edamame mousse in the centre of a plate with thin slices of pickled onion and diced mango on top. Slightly heat the pieces of smoked eel in a broiler and place them on top of the bed along with a layer of onion and mango, followed by another piece of eel. Drizzle the wasabi oil and the sesame seed sauce around the arrangement and top it with a sprinkle of micro basil for decoration and added flavor.This dish is satisfying to both the taste buds and the eyes. The smoked eel has a strong, smoky and fatty taste emphasized by the wasabi oil, and the dark brown color of the smoked eel goes pleasantly with the color of the bed of paste.


One response to “SMOKED EEL with Edamame Mousse, Sesame Seed Sauce and Wasabi Oil

  1. recipe looks & sounds great, question; how do you make the edamame mousse?

    thank you.


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