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ICELANDIC CREPES Filled with Whipped Cream on Chunky Mango Sauce


ICELANDIC CREPES Filled with Whipped Cream on Chunky Mango Sauce

2 cups of white plain flour

1 tablespoon sugar

3 eggs

Milk as needed

2 oz margarine

Half a teaspoon of baking soda

Chunky mango sauce

No coffee or tea party in Iceland is complete without crepes. They can in this respect be considered well-nigh a staple item, when people gather for an afternoon or an evening of pleasant conversation and friendship. This is quite understandable, as Icelandic crepes are very easy to make and no less pleasing on the tongue.

Put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix thoroughly until the mixture has become well-nigh as fluid as milk. Ladle some of the mixture onto a bristling hot shallow pan which is slanted briskly for the dough to swiftly cover the whole area of the pan. Pour excess mixture off  the pan back into the bowl. Bake the crepe until it is almost dry on top and then turn it, using a long-bladed spatula, and bake for some time more. Care must be taken not to bake the crepes too long. They should be golden brown on both sides when done.

The crepes are mainly served in two ways. One is putting a good splash of firmly whipped cream on one fourth of the crepe and then folding it twice. Sometimes a bit of rhubarb or blueberry jam is put on the crepe along with the whipped cream. The other method is scattering quite a bit of sugar on the crepe while it is still hot, and rolling it up tightly. The sugar melts within the roll and seeps through it making it quite syrupy. Either of the two ways gives fine results, but other fillings are very possible, such as cheese, jelly, chopped fresh fruit and so on.The picture on the opposite page shows one of the alternative methods possible for serving the crepes. In it the crepe is not folded, but formed into a bag around the filling, which can be whipped cream, cream cheese, shrimp salad, and so on, and the bag tied up with a thread from, for example, rhubarb. The bag is put onto a bed of chunky mango sauce.It is pretty certain that the Icelandic crepes will be appreciated at any party.

At any rate they are very much worth trying.